Texas Air Assault Camp

Compete against the best, to become the best!


About the Camp

The Texas Air Assault camp is a highly competitive, intimate camp setting. The primary focus is exterior skill positions.
The middle school age group at 2:00pm, the high school age group at 3:30pm. Each group will consist of roughly 30 wide receivers and 10 defensive backs.
These intimate groups ensure that each athlete will receive excellent personal attention and will have their opportunity to perform in front of well connected scouts as well as 247sports.com.
The camps consist of full warm ups, skills drills, and 1 vs 1s while being evaluated.
The camps are held in Katy, Texas. Register to be contacted by Mike West directly.
Registration fee is $85 and covers the admission and a Texas Air Assault camp top. Spots are limited and will go quick!
Register below and come compete!

Meet the Coaches


WR Trainer D Rob

D Rob is a world renowned NFL Wide Receiver trainer that specializes in developing technically sound players at the position.


Talent Scout Mike West

Mike West is a highly respected national talent scout that specializes in the development of football recruits and talent exposure.